Louth Volunteer Centre Annual Reports


LVC AGM 2019.2 1Louth Volunteer Centre’s 2018 Annual Report and Audited Accounts were presented at our AGM on Monday 10th June in Governor’s House, Millmount Drogheda. The meeting was attended by a variety of stakeholders including a number of local representatives

Lolo Robinson, Chair of the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann Executive Committee, also spoke at the meeting, outlining not only the importance of volunteers to the delivery of the Fleadh but to the community as a whole. She referenced how Comhaltas is an organisation that relies on volunteers and spoke about how it had been fantastic for the local Drogheda branch of Comhaltas to have the assistance of Louth Volunteer Centre in recruiting volunteers to assist with the Louth Fleadh which was also held in Drogheda this year. She responded to an example given by Gráinne Berrill about how the volunteering at the Fleadh brought people together and created friendships and a new community within our community by saying that this is what she hoped would happen when the Fleadh came to Drogheda, even if just one person had a positive experience of volunteering at the Fleadh it would be all worthwhile.

You can view our 2018 annual report at the link below.

 2018 Annual Report


AGM Group Pic 2Louth Volunteer Centre’s 2017 Annual Report was presented at our AGM on Monday 11th June in the Market House Dunleer. The meeting was attended by a variety of stakeholders including local representatives, Louth PPN’s Resource Worker, and a representative of Louth County Council Community Section.

Mairead Davis and Cliodhna Cunnigham of Connect Family Resource Centre also gave a presentation on the impact of volunteers on their service delivery, and the importance of Louth Volunteer Centre as a source and support in the recruitment of volunteers. 

They outlined how the Louth Volunteer Centre team connected them with Yapstone, a multinational based in Drogheda, and how that partnership continues through the involvement of Yapstone staff in a variety of voluntary supports to the organisation, including mock interviews, Food Cloud, and collection of Christmas gifts for local children.

You can view our 2017 annual report at the link below.

2017 Annual Report


On Monday 13th November at the AGM held in Creative Spark in Dundalk, Louth Volunteer Centre manager Gráinne Berrill presented the 2016 annual report to those in attendance. The report outlines the main activities and outputs of the centre in 2016, as well as some of the impacts and volunteer stories that have been shared with Louth Volunteer Centre. Present at the AGM was volunteer Michele Dowley, who spoke about her volunteer experience. She described how when she moved to Ireland from South Africa, Karen (LVC's organisation support officer) introduced her to St Joseph's Hospital and Ardee DayCare Centre and she has never looked back. She very clearly conveyed the joy she gets from spending time with the clients at these services and how much she has learned and grown from their experience.

You can view our 2016 annual report at the link below.

2016 Annual Report

Louth Volunteer Centre 2015 Annual Report

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Louth Volunteer Centre presented their 2015 Annual Report at their Annual General Meeting on 22nd November 2016. The meeting was attended by a variety of stakeholders and included a presentation by Ciaran Briscoe, Fundraising Manager of the North East Cancer Research and Education Trust (NECRET) on the variety of volunteer roles filled by Louth Volunteer Centre volunteers. He spoke of how important it has been for NECRET to tap into the support and expertise of the Louth Volunteer Centre team and particularly referenced their ability to find the perfect match of volunteer to organisation. David McDonnell, Outgoing Louth Volunteer Centre Chair, highlighted that Ciaran’s presentation, coupled with our annual report, underline the power of volunteering and the quality of the Louth Volunteer Centre team.

Please click the link below to view our annual report.

2015 Annual Report