Volunteer Workshops

We offer a variety of free presentations and workshops to groups, schools, colleges and organisations on the impact and benefits of volunteering.

Sacred Heart Jan 2018

Sessions include:

  • An Introduction to Volunteering
    • What is Volunteering? 
    • Why Volunteer?
    • Barriers to Volunteering?
    • Volunteering and Me
  • Volunteering & Positive Mental Health
    • What is Volunteering?
    • Volunteering & Mental Health
    • Volunteering, the Benefits
    • Volunteering in your Community
  • Volunteering – A Stepping Stone to Employment
    • What is Volunteering?
    • Volunteering & Jobseekers
    • Volunteer Opportunities – Using the IVOL system
    • Things to consider as a jobseeker
  • Volunteering for people from migrant communities
    • What is Volunteering?
    • Why Volunteer?
    • Volunteering and community integration
  • Volunteering & Retirement
    • What is Volunteering?
    • Why Volunteer?
    • Volunteering & your mental health
    • Volunteering when Retired
    • How do I get involved?
  • Volunteering & Community Impact – get Involved
    • What is Community? (Including a discussion of the not for profit sector)
    • What is Volunteering?
    • The impact of volunteering – on our community
    • The impact of volunteering – on ourselves
    • How to volunteer

We can also offer bespoke workshops depending on your requirements.

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