County Louth Volunteering Framework

The County Louth Volunteering Framework, published in 2021, was informed by an in depth consultation process involving over 350 people across Louth.  

Minister Joe O'Brien at the launch of the County Louth Volunteering Framework

This Framework document, the first of its kind at County level in Ireland, will shape policy and resourcing in relation to volunteering in Louth in the coming years. It recognises and values the contribution of volunteers; seeks to expand the demographics of volunteering; supports those who support volunteers and aims to help make it easier for people in Louth to access voluntary activity.  Work commenced on the delivery of the 68 recommendations contained in the framework in 2022 and will continue until 2024. You can view more details and view the document by clicking HERE

The Framework is owned by the Louth Community Development Committee and is currently being delivered by a group of stakeholders from across various sectors in County Louth. This implementation group is led by a secretariat consisting of members from Louth Volunteer Centre, Louth County Council, Louth Local Development Company and Louth PPN.

This group of stakeholders represent the interests of the breath of volunteering in Louth, and not any individual. They each participate in one of five themed subgroups that are tasked with delivering the 69 recommendations contained within the Framework document.

We have created this helpful graphic below outlining the members and the membership structure.

Structure for delivery of the County Louth Volunteering Framework