Volunteers of Louth

Image of Jacqueline Conlon

Jacqueline Conlon

Jacqueline came to volunteering in 2016 when she took to giving her time along with other parents in her son’s school. They kindly hosted different activities in the school library at lunchtime. In 2018 she was asked to volunteer for two hours per week in her local Church’s shop which she happily did.

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David Walsh Volunteers of Louth

David Walsh

David registered with Louth Volunteer Centre in 2016 and has been an avid volunteer ever since. David decided to start volunteering to help his mental health. He felt it was important for him to meet other people and it was a great opportunity to give something back to his local community.

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Ping Cao Volunteers of Louth

Ping Cao

Ping began her volunteer journey when she first came to Dundalk 20 years ago. She started volunteering with Oxfam “they were looking for volunteers for 2 hours a week, so I started from there.” Ping later went on to register with Louth Volunteer Centre in 2013 and has been a very active volunteer.

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Paraic McGahey Volunteers of Louth

Paraic McGahey

Paraic began his volunteering journey at the young age of 6. Inspired by his parents who were involved in the Irish Red Cross, Paraic would help his dad give out the envelopes used for the collections and help at some of the social events by bringing in the food and clearing tables. Paraic continued to be involved in the Irish Red Cross over the years and now sits on the National working group as part of the Irish Red Cross.

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Michael Butler volunteering at Lú Festival

Michael Butler

Michael began his volunteer journey last year when he signed up for the New Connections program with Louth Volunteer Centre. The purpose of the New Connections program which was funded my Mental Health Ireland was to connect people to their communities in a new way through volunteering. Michael found the training program helped him. ‘The program helped boost my confidence and improve my skills.’ Michael has liked linking in with Louth Volunteer Centre and has found the service helpful.

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