Gerard McGovern

Gerry McGovern Volunteers of Louth

“it’s the perfect way to meet people”

Gerard began his volunteer journey in 2016 when he registered with Louth Volunteer Centre. He has taken part in a wide variety of roles throughout his time registered with us and became a member of Louth Community Volunteers this year.  

When I spoke to Gerard about his motivation to volunteer, he told me “It’s something to do for me and I feel better when I do it.” For Gerard volunteering is not just about the opportunity to give back to the community and use his time in a meaningful way he enjoys being part of a team of volunteers and getting the opportunity to meet other people. “If you want to meet people and you like to meet people, but your social life doesn’t allow that, volunteering is a great way to achieve that.”  

Gerard feels that getting involved in volunteering can help people work on several different skills. “It gives you more confidence in your own ability.” Gerard also feels that volunteering is a fantastic way to work on your communication skills particularly if you are someone who might be shy, and it is something you struggle with. Gerard also thinks that volunteering is a good way for people new to the country to integrate into the community.

Gerard’s favourite volunteer moment to date was volunteering at Fleadh Cheol na hEireann. “It was such a great atmosphere the whole time.” Gerard along with another volunteer helped at the car parks and enjoyed getting to greet people as they arrived. “We had a great time and enjoyed talking to the public.” Gerard also really enjoyed a recent community volunteer role he took part in which was volunteering at the arts festival. “The family day was really good.”

Gerard has been very happy with the level of support he was received from Louth Volunteer Centre on his volunteer journey. “They always let me know anything that is coming up, I really like that. I want something to do every week or two, so I like that.” Gerard would recommend anyone interested in getting involved in volunteering to register with Louth Volunteer Centre.  

Gerard particularly enjoys being a member of Louth Community Volunteers. He enjoys they variety of roles on offer and the different volunteers that are also involved in the program. “We get to know each other and it’s a very diverse group.”

Gerard would encourage everyone to get involved in volunteering. “If you want to meet people you don’t have to go the pub to do it. You can volunteer its cheaper.”