David Walsh

David Walsh Volunteers of Louth

“I feel like I’m giving back something”

David registered with Louth Volunteer Centre in 2016 and has been an avid volunteer ever since. David decided to start volunteering to help his mental health. He felt it was important for him to meet other people and it was a great opportunity to give something back to his local community.  

David is motivated to continue volunteering as he likes helping to fundraise for local causes. He likes knowing that the money he helps raise is going to a worthy cause. “I like where the money goes.” David has supported numerous charities in their fundraising efforts such as; SOSAD, MS Ireland, Drogheda Homeless Aid, Alzheimer’s Society and The North East Cancer Research & Education Trust.  

David feels that volunteering has given him the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. David also spoke about the struggles he can have with his speech but feels that volunteering has helped him to practice this skill.  

David’s Favourite volunteer moment was volunteering at Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann. David really enjoyed getting to listen to the music. David volunteered as a steward and distributed leaflets at this festival and really enjoyed being part of it.  

David has enjoyed the support he has received from Louth Volunteer Centre. He likes receiving phone calls from the team and would like more phone calls to tell him what roles are coming up in future. David finds Louth Volunteer Centre great to find out what roles are coming up and would recommend it to other people interested in getting involved in volunteering.  

David would encourage other people to get out their and get involved in volunteering and “give back to the community.”