Jackie Quinn

Jackie Quinn Volunteers of Louth

“It’s good for your community, it’s good to be part of it.”  

Jackie has been registered with Louth volunteer Centre since 2017 but has been volunteering since long before then. “I volunteered with Special Olympics before I registered with Louth Volunteer Centre.” Jackie was finding it difficult to continue to volunteer with Special Olympics due to conflicts with her work schedule but still wanted to be involved with volunteering. “I found the database online and thought it was handy as I could see all the new opportunities.” Jackie started her volunteer journey because she wanted to give something back to her community. “You get an awful lot more out of it then you ever have to put into it.”  

Jackie has been happy with the support she has received from Louth Volunteer Centre. “The emails and the newsletters are great.” Jackie likes that she gets regular updates from Louth Volunteer Centre and that she can see what the latest volunteer opportunities that are available in her local area.  “Anytime I have applied for a role I have got a very quick response.” Jackie also likes the variety of one-off volunteer roles that are available. “If your free that day, you can go give a hand.” Jackie would encourage people to register with Louth Volunteer Centre. “They have a wide variety of roles to choose from.” Jackie also thinks it's a great place for organisations to go who are looking to involve volunteers, as there is a large database of volunteers and a good structure.  

When Covid hit Jackie was at home with her mother who is 85 years old. Jackie was able to see the impact that covid was having on her. When she saw the Bubble buddies volunteer role come up with Louth Volunteer Centre she decided to get involved. “I was working from home; I had the time and was able to do it.” Jackie enjoyed the bubble buddy’s role and felt it was a great opportunity to meet someone new. Jackie also felt “it was an opportunity to get out and support in a time that was difficult.”

A moment that has really stood out for Jackie on her volunteer during was her time with Special Olympics. “Seeing them get their medals and the pride them and their families have, that’s a really special day.” Jackie has found that being involved in volunteering “keeps your empathy levels up. It makes me appreciate what I have. My health, my circumstances, I’m glad with my lot.”  

Jackie would encourage other people to get involved in volunteering. “Give it a go, we all have something to offer. Whatever your age or the skills that you have we all have an ear to listen or a hand to support.”