Joan Conlan

A photo of Joan volunteering at a litter pick event

Joan began her volunteer journey in 2021. Joan had spent several years looking after her husband who was unwell. As a result of this Joan didn’t get to leave the house very often and was always very glad when someone called in to visit her. When Joan’s husband sadly passed away, she found herself thinking of other people that were isolated at home. “There are people out there in the same position I was in and if I can help them in any way, I would be glad to do it”.

Joan has enjoyed volunteering and feels good when she does it. Joan has been able to use her life experience and skills and share them with the community. “I am volunteering as a computer trainer with Drogheda & District Support 4 Older People, I worked as a computer trainer, and I can share them skills”.

When I spoke to Joan about what her favourite moment has been on her volunteer journey, she told me about a Louth Community Volunteer role she took part in. “I thoroughly enjoyed the Bracken Bashing role in Clogherhed”. Joan enjoyed the fun element of swinging a stick around to knock the bracken back but also enjoyed getting to walk around Clogherhead and learn more about the environment “it has opened my eyes more”. Another Louth Community Volunteer role Joan really enjoyed was the litter league.  “I also really enjoyed being a part of the litter league, it got me out and brought me to places I probably never would have gone to”. Joan feels that volunteer gives her the motivation to get up and go.

Joan has been happy with the level of support she has received from Louth Volunteer Centre. “All the staff are lovely, and you keep me informed of what’s coming up so I don’t have to go looking.” Joan would encourage everyone to get involved in volunteering. “Even if it’s only once in a blue moon, the satisfaction you get from helping somebody out is worth it.” Joan would particularly love to see more older volunteers get involved “older people have loads to give.”

As mentioned in some of Joan’s favourite volunteer moments Joan is a member of Louth Community Volunteers and has really enjoyed being part of it. Joan enjoys that there is a lot of once off roles that she can get involved with. Joan particularly enjoys outdoor roles where she has the opportunity to get out and get moving and Louth Community Volunteers have lots of these type of roles on offer.  Joan has enjoyed the people she has had the opportunity to meet during her volunteer roles and has found volunteering a great way to get to meet lots of different people. #VolunteersofLouth