Volunteers of Louth

Gerry McGovern Volunteers of Louth

Gerard McGovern

When I spoke to Gerard about his motivation to volunteer, he told me “It’s something to do for me and I feel better when I do it.” For Gerard volunteering is not just about the opportunity to give back to the community and use his time in a meaningful way he enjoys being part of a team of volunteers and getting the opportunity to meet other people. “If you want to meet people and you like to meet people, but your social life doesn’t allow that, volunteering is a great way to achieve that.”

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Ping Cao Volunteers of Louth

Ping Cao

Ping began her volunteer journey when she first came to Dundalk 20 years ago. She started volunteering with Oxfam “they were looking for volunteers for 2 hours a week, so I started from there.” Ping later went on to register with Louth Volunteer Centre in 2013 and has been a very active volunteer.

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David Walsh Volunteers of Louth

David Walsh

David registered with Louth Volunteer Centre in 2016 and has been an avid volunteer ever since. David decided to start volunteering to help his mental health. He felt it was important for him to meet other people and it was a great opportunity to give something back to his local community.

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Peter Nugent Volunteers of Louth

Peter Nugent

Peter began his volunteer journey at the young age of 13. He began volunteering with the Order of Malta. He then went on to volunteer with homeless organisations before setting up Drogheda LGBT Support Group in 2015 and in 2019 went on to set up the Meath LGBT Support Group.

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Jackie Quinn Volunteers of Louth

Jackie Quinn

Jackie has been registered with Louth volunteer Centre since 2017 but has been volunteering since long before then. “I volunteered with Special Olympics before I registered with Louth Volunteer Centre.” Jackie was finding it difficult to continue to volunteer with Special Olympics due to conflicts with her work schedule but still wanted to be involved with volunteering. “I found the database online and thought it was handy as I could see all the new opportunities.” Jackie started her volunteer journey because she wanted to give something back to her community. “You get an awful lot more out of it then you ever have to put into it.”

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